Family, Friends, and Furry Friends

I once sat in a meeting at work where everyone had to go around the table and tell something they had learned about each of their co-workers.  Frankly, it was an awkward and unpleasant exercise, and for me, it achieved the exact opposite of the intention of building “team unity,” mainly because of the observations of one person.  This person, who was widely known as a complete suck-up, mentioned that she had learned that our boss was “extremely devoted to his family.”  I remember sitting there and thinking, “Yeah, right, and the rest of us don’t give two sh**s about our families.”  (By the way, this was the boss who, when my oldest child was graduating from college and I requested time off so I could attend the ceremony, suggested I take a later flight and arrive within hours of the ceremony, so that I would not have to miss so much time from work.  So, as you can see, though he may have been “extremely devoted” to HIS family, he actually did not give even one sh** about me or mine.)

But I digress.  The fact is, I DO care about my family.  I think most people do.  It’s sort of human nature (and therefore, not really worth mentioning, here, or in any “getting to know you” meeting).  But here’s where I may differ from a lot of other people:  Except for my hubby, my parents, my kids and their significant others, and to a lesser degree, my brothers and sisters and my hubby’s immediate family, I don’t really have a wide circle, or really any circle at all, of “friends.”  I have acquaintances and co-workers with whom I am extremely cordial, but I hesitate to call any of those real “friends.”

Maybe I’m being too strict in my definition, or maybe at the moment there is no one in my life with whom I share experiences and affinity (beyond the small group mentioned above), as was the case when I was younger.  In my high school and college days, though I was always a quiet person and never a social butterfly, I did keep a small circle of people that I counted as friends.  As I’ve gotten older, and life has gotten more complicated, it’s been much more difficult to do that.  Add to it that even though I am a spiritual person, I do not currently attend a church.  Though, even when I did, making friends there was not always as easy as you would imagine it should be.

And, for the most part, this doesn’t bother me.  I’m somewhat of an introvert, and pretty much happy with the small and simply life I lead.  I have a feeling it might actually be a good thing for me to have a few people in my life that I can count as friends, but…eh…I’m not highly motivated at this time to make the effort.  As I get older, that may change.  And that’s part of what this blog is going to be about.

Now at this point it might be appropriate to add a word about my hubby.  Russ is my very best friend in all the world.  We found each other about twelve years ago, and there has hardly been a discordant note since.  I like to tell people, “Russ may not be perfect, but he is perfect for me.”  You hear about soul mates…that’s what’s going on here.  Having been married once before to a man who was not my soul mate made it very easy to recognize my soul mate when he finally came along.

I’m probably not going to talk here very much about my marriage, simply because I’ve just told you everything there is to know.  When something is going along well, you don’t really have to talk about it too much, you don’t have to analyze it under a microscope, you just thank God and count your blessings.  Russ is my major blessing.

One more thing:  I’m adding to this list what I call “Furry Friends,” by which I’m sure you can guess I’m an animal lover.  I’ve had many pets through the years, and most of them have now crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, and are waiting for me on the other side.  Squee is still with us, a cat of 15 years.  He is the last “baby”….at least for a while.  When he too crosses that Bridge, I will be truly “childless” for the first time in nearly 40 years.  And that, too, is something that will be of interest in this blog.