In My 1960’s

It’s a happy accident of math that people currently in their 60’s were children in the 1960’s.  As one of those fortunate few, I can testify that the 1960’s was a great time to be a kid!  In that simpler age when parents were not afraid to let their kids go outside and hang out with friends in the neighborhood all day long (playing kickball in the street) and well into evening (catching lightning bugs in a jar), there were so many terrific toys and fabulously funny TV shows.  Not to mention the music!

Towards the end of the 1960’s a social revolution began to change the world we lived in, but…we were kids!  What did we know, and what did we care?  It’s my hope that in this blog I’ll have the opportunity to pause now and then to reminisce and wax nostalgic about the pop culture of the 1960’s, as seen through the eyes of one child who lived through it.

And, as it happens, several of my other internet projects have dealt with themes from the 1960’s.  A few years back, Russ and I hosted a podcast about the 1960’ gothic soap opera, Dark Shadows.  We did the show for about three years, and though we no longer have a convenient place to post and host the 52 podcast episodes we produced, you can still see the shell of the project at

In the 60’s, my favorite dolls were Whimsies, and now as an adult, through the wonders of E-Bay, I’ve been able to reconnect with those childhood friends.  Take a side trip over to Whimsieville to see how the wonders of Whimsies never grows old.

Finally, though as a child I was not a fan of comic books (that was more of a BOY thing, honestly), now as an adult, through knowing Russ, the keeper of the Marvel Chronology Project, my world has been opened up to discover what I was missing.  Through my website, Adventures in the Marvelous Zone, I’m reading and reviewing almost all the comics from Marvel’s Silver Age.  This is an ongoing project, so  I invite you to join me in this adventure and learn, as I have, that comic books, in fact, are not just for BOYS.