Beauty and Style

I think unless you’re a supermodel, it’s probably true that most women are not happy with their appearance.  It’s always something.  Case in point:  when I was a kid, I had an older cousin, who was a young teenager, slim and blonde, who looked pretty much like a Barbie Doll.  I remember her once looking down at her legs and exclaiming, “Ugh!  My calves are so FAT!”  Which, by the way, they were not.  But I’ve always used this story to explain how most women, no matter how beautiful, are never happy with their appearance.

Unfortunately, I’ve always been part of that club.  When I stop to think about it, and when I look at pictures of myself from different times of my life, if I’m objective, I’m probably pretty ordinary looking.  Of course, in this society, “ordinary looking” is not acceptable.

Until, perhaps, you reach your sixties.  One thing I’ve noticed, as I’ve aged, is that outward appearances become less and less important as time goes on.  First of all, I’ve got a devoted husband, so I’m not interested in looking good or looking sexy in order to catch a man.  Also, though I’ve always been a bit overweight, now as I get older, the desire to lose weight is so much less about “looking good” and so much more about “being healthy.”

Wrinkles are an issue, and the modern American tendency is to try to fight them…until you realize that genetics being what they are, fighting wrinkles is a losing battle, so…just deal with the inevitable.  Now, this doesn’t mean I’m not going to take care of my skin, because I am, because my skin is part of the wonderful gift I’ve been given of a physical body, so I’m going to take care of my skin the same way I’m going to take care of everything else.  Which is to say:  within reason.

Hair has always been an issue for me, because my hair has always been so thin, so it’s been difficult to find a style that looks good.  Add to this that I started going gray early, and for many decades I fought the gray, but only recently I’ve decided to surrender to the inevitable in this area as well.  My hair is a continuing drama, and will probably be a major topic of this blog as I move through my 60’s.

But in the end, it all comes down to this:  In your sixties, or really, at any other time of your life, the most beautiful thing anyone could possibly say about your appearance is that you look HEALTHY.

Now, along with beauty comes the sister topic of style.  And again, when you’re younger, and you’re looking for a man, or you’re looking to impress, it’s possible that many women may adopt a style that is not really their own.  Fortunately, I’ve never really been a victim of that paranoia.  For a long time, I’ve known what my “style” is and I feel like I’ve celebrated it, and I feel confident in my style, even though it may not be the style that is generally recognized as…shall we say…”stylish.”

But I’m feeling great about my style, and I’m feeling okay about my appearance, and I’m hoping at this time, as I begin this new blog, I’ll be able to cement in my own mind how much beauty and style are (or aren’t) a real concern for a woman moving into her 60’s.