When I started this blog, I said I would not talk about politics. Because these days politics is so divisive. Right? So I have studiously avoided writing about politics, and in the end I’ve found that the end result of not talking about the elephant in the room is that I feel like that elephant is sitting on top of me, crushing me. I have lost my voice, which is especially a shame, considering that my own personal blog is supposed to be a place where I can have my own personal voice.

It’s been an act of self-censorship…and it’s been a failure. And so I have finally peeked my head out of my depressing self-imposed suppression long enough to take a gasp of fresh air and exclaim “Damn it! I will NOT be silenced!” And so I have made a decision: I am “coming out” as Anti-Trump.

As soon as I made that decision, in a “Eureka!” moment it occurred to me that this must be similar to how gay people feel when they finally muster up the courage to “come out of the closet.” Notice I have qualified that statement with “similar,” because I don’t want to in any way suggest that these two situations are of equal gravity. But I feel like what I’ve gone through these past months has given me a slightly better understanding of what it must be like for anyone who lives in fear of rejection and retribution due to their deeply-held beliefs and convictions.

I could go on and on about my beliefs and convictions, but for right now I just want to engage in a completely positive moment by posting this list of things to remember whenever it seems the country has lost its mind, the world has spun off its access, we’re living in “The Upside Down” and nothing makes sense anymore. These are just some calming thoughts for anyone who feels, like I do, that what we’re going through right now is not normal and not acceptable.

So. Here we go. Dear friend, if you long, like I do, for a return to a more sane, more pleasant, and less chaotic world than the one we currently live in, then please remember:

1. Trump is not forever. One day he will be out of office, and odds are that whoever replaces him will be better. Of course, it’s possible his successor COULD be worse, but things being what they are, that’s only possible, not probable. The odds are with us.

2. You are not alone. A majority of Americans still agree that Trump is a bad idea. That may change, but no matter what happens, it’s unlikely there will ever come a time when everyone in the country is completely sucked in by Trump’s exhausting theatrics. There will always be, at the very least, a Resistance. Vive la Resistance!

3. The Free Press is still FREE. At least for the moment. Thank God for the Free Press, or who knows where we might be at this point.

4. Robert Mueller is diligently at work and will not be distracted. He is smart, methodical, unflappable, and right now we only know a fraction of what he knows. There are numerous ways our country can dig its way out of this hellhole, and the Russia Investigation is one that could very well be the beginning of the end for the Trump administration. (And by the way, even if he is fired, the work will most likely still go on, both on the Federal and State level.)

5. Primaries are here! As more and more Primaries are decided, it’s increasingly possible Republican candidates will “run to the middle” for the General Election. Some may even grow a backbone and finally stand up for the Rule of Law, the Constitution, and what is right and humane. As many of them used to, before Trump somehow hypnotized them into forgetting so many basic human values and instincts.

6. Midterm elections are now only six months away. If midterms go the way they are predicted, (i.e. if Russia doesn’t interfere with our elections again, at least not too much), a new Democratic Congress could hold Trump in check, and might even be in a position to start impeachment proceedings.

7. Being invisible has its advantages. For those of us who are lucky enough to be as invisible as Russ and I are (white, straight, middle-class citizens of deep red Alabama), we are among the least likely to experience any personal hardship from Trump’s policies. Now that doesn’t give us a free pass to sit back on our butts (Remember: “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out…”) but it does give us invisible folks a little breathing room, the opportunity to go to bed at night feeling reasonably certain that tomorrow is not going to bring some new threat to our personal freedoms.

8. There are actually some things you can DO! You are not completely helpless. First of all, and most obviously, you can VOTE in the midterm elections. You can financially support good candidates, canvass for them if that’s your style, or at the very least plant a campaign sign in your front yard. Oh, and one more thing, and perhaps most important of all: you can pray for the health of our country.

9. Every day, remind yourself that Life is more than politics. The dizzying pace of news headlines these days is completely exhausting. But it is in fact possible, and indeed highly advisable, to take a break now and then from looking at the news. Remember there was a time when you never looked at the news, had no idea what was going on in the world, and you were completely happy. I’m not suggesting we hide our heads in the sand, but it is within your power to limit and select and discipline yourself in regards to how crazy you let trump make you. If something really big happens…believe me, the rest of the world will surely let you know.

10. And finally, if all else fails, if by some strange and horrible trick of fate Trump gets elected for another term, remember this: CANADA is only a car drive away! I’ve already checked into this. Victoria and Vancouver are lovely places where the weather does not get too cold, and though it is significantly more expensive to live there than in Alabama, relocating would not be impossible. I don’t want to have to take it to this extreme, but sometimes, when I succumb to the depression of realizing how very “not normal” this all is, I see Canada as the pinprick of light at the end of a very long dark tunnel.

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  1. Kim says:

    Today I googled “How to keep your spirits up in the age of Trump” and your blog was the first that came up. Thank you for putting your thoughts out there. I live in blue California, and still I despair daily over where our country is right now. I can barely imagine how depressed I would be if I was surrounded by people who actually supported this fella. I just have to think that good people are are so used to voting with one party that they can’t come to grips with the fact that they’ve elected someone so completely self-centered, untethered to truth, and unconcerned with democracy. Hey, Republicans, we all make mistakes once in a while. Just please stop making this one! Stop supporting him!

    Thanks, Chrissy. Hang in there!

    • QueenSixties says:

      Thank you, Kim, for your words of encouragement. And sorry I took so long to make your comment public. I had lost interest in this blog and all sorts of other creative endeavors, so I haven’t been here in a while. But I think now finally I am starting to come out from under the cloud and get my voice back. I envy you living in California! Let’s hope some brighter days may be ahead…for all of us.


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