Yesterday was Thanksgiving, so of course we are in the season where is it so natural to stop and think about the many things we have to be thankful. A couple of days ago I put together a list and was surprised to see how much simply thinking and writing about these many blessings caused my spirit to soar. So I decided to commit most of them to posterity, here on this website. I’ve eliminated a few, because they are just too personal, or unimportant, or would require too much explanation. Also, I don’t like to tempt fate or induce karma by engaging in what some might call “bragging.” But I think the blessings that follow are representative of most of what is good in my life at this time.


  • I am alive and relatively healthy.
  • My spiritual life, my salvation for eternity
  • Russ
  • My kids
  • Dad has a support system in his old age
  • Mom went to Heaven, so did Marianne
  • My job, my paycheck, and Russ’ too
  • The Free Press
  • Even though the USA is not going through some troubles, it’s still one of the best places in the world to live
  • Amazon, which easily makes my life better
  • Squee is hanging in there, glad we were able to identify his problem and there is an easy solution
  • I am thankful that superstitions are not valid
  • That Russ is willing to move in our retirement
  • That Russ and I think so much alike and get along so well
  • My recent weight loss, which makes me a healthier person who looks and feels better
  • Pleasant weather, especially now in Fall and Winter
  • My clothes, which make me feel good, and which I mostly like
  • That my natural hair color came in nicely
  • That spiders don’t fly
  • Publix, especially for the BOGOs
  • So many good restaurants in the Tuscaloosa area
  • That Russ also enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles
  • My ability to enjoy all kinds of music
  • For all my “Favorite Bands,” but especially for my new Favorite Band, MercyMe
  • For the internet, when it can be a source of information and inspiration
  • For topical magnesium
  • For eggs being a healthy food
  • For tea being healthy and enjoyable
  • For James living with Dad
  • For Terry being willing to take on so much responsibility with Dad
  • That we have not yet been plunged into nuclear war
  • For not being colorblind
  • For all my limbs
  • For my comfy bed
  • For our comfy house
  • For technology that allows us to play music, watch movies and TV shows
  • For all the basics we tend to take for granted, like freedom, electricity, and clean water
  • For Marvel movies
  • For my personal sense of style and my place in the world, which does not make me a slave to convention
  • Healing Music, and my headband headphones
  • My cell phone, which enables me to stay in touch with my kids and Dad
  • Thanksgiving, and other holidays, which give a break from routine and foster holiday spirit
  • Having identified Athens GA as a nearly perfect retirement location
  • I’ve reconciled myself with maybe never having any grandchildren
  • Flannel
  • Socks, especially thick ones
  • Soft serve ice cream
  • Our new car
  • For having discovered the Japanese Art of Tidying Up, which helps me get my physical world under control
  • For C.S. Lewis
  • For pleasant scents, and especially for the wax melter
  • That hibiscus tea, which I conveniently enjoy, helps keep blood pressure under control
  • That all the appliances in the house have slowly been replaced, and the only major home expense we are probably looking at for the future is a new roof
  • That I was able to reconnect with the Whimsies from my childhood
  • That none of the cats I’ve guardianed during my life have ever been cats “from hell”
  • Though I do better when I don’t eat gluten, I’m thankful that I don’t have Celiac’s disease
  • The football team in our town almost always does VERY well

Okay, on the eve of the Iron Bowl, I know I’m tempting fate with that last one, but even if we should lose, Alabama will still remain, overall, one of the very best college teams, and we have been for almost a decade now. Nothing can erase that.

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