My last Epiphany was about ice cubes in my smoothie, which I described as if it was some giant, cosmic revelation that nobody had ever thought of before, and this time I’m going to wax poetic about something else that should be equally obvious. But I just discovered this, so it’s a BIG DEAL to me.

So, we’ve established that I like almond milk, which I’ve been drinking in my smoothies for several years now, and we’ve also established that this is a Good Thing for me, since almond milk is packed full of calcium and I have osteopenia. Which only lead me to ask the question…are there other ways I could be getting the calcium benefit of almond milk? On occasion I’ll add it to my gluten-free Cherrios, but why have I never thought of drinking it straight up?

Well, I finally thought about it, and had a taste…and it’s not too bad! In fact, after a few glasses, it went from “not to bad,” to “Hey! I really like this stuff!” (Tried the same with cashew milk, but I’ve decided to stick to smoothies and cereal for that particular nut milk.)

So! Cold almond milk! 450 grams of calcium in one shot! Yum! But a few nights ago, a light bulb lit up over my head, and I decided to heat the milk before I drank it. Wonder what that might taste like? And guess what? Delicious! As a pre-bedtime calm-you-down and help-you-sleep tonic, with a spoonful of honey, what could be better?

And for me it’s even better, because this concoction of “milk and honey” brings back memories of my childhood. When I was growing up, my family was typical middle-class, with stay-at-home mom and a dad who worked his butt off to provide for his family. Consequently, I don’t have a ton of domestic memories of my dad, but one thing I do remember is his affinity for a warm glass of milk with honey before bedtime. Actually, Dad didn’t drink it so much as he would prepare it for us kids, and now as I think of it, it was probably because that’s what HE was given when HE was a kid.

So, this is not so much an Epiphany as a Re-Discovery for me at this time. Let’s not quibble about semantics! Anything that takes you back to a happy childhood memory is always a Good Thing.

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